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Custom Electric Fence Installation

In the electric fencing industry, it is important to go with a company that has experience in the market for many years. At the top of this large and often shocking industry is Fence Erect. With over thirty five years in the electric fencing industry they are one of the leaders in the installation, repair and supply of electric fencing. They started their business in 1975, installing electric fencing for farmers along the Limpopo River, but they have grown in leaps and bounds and now offer their fencing and alarm installation services to the greater Gauteng and surrounding areas.

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Custom Electric Fence Installation | Fence Erect

Quality Custom Electric Fences, Supplied And Installed

The most popular electric fencing installation that Fence Erect installs is the wall top electrical fencing. This is the most practical and cost effective system as it is simply added onto your existing wall, as the name suggests. This type of electric fencing is perfectly suited for homes, businesses, building complexes, home estates, office parks, industrial office units and a wide range of other locations that need added security. Electric fencing is your first line of defence and it is important to go with the best equipment and most professional technicians to ensure that your safety is not compromised.

The team at Fence Erect will not only install your electric fencing, they will gladly assist you to access the security of your property and offer you their professional advice on how to improve your safety.

For larger plots, farms or small holding, the free standing electrified fences is the best solution. The innovative and durable freestanding electric fencing that Fence Erect installs is perfectly suited to keep unwanted visitors or animals out of your property. Their base secure system that they utilise eliminates the chance of intruders, animals or other pests digging under your fencing and gaining access to your property. This system is very popular with game farms and farms where stock loss needs to be controlled.

No matter what or where your electrical fencing needs might be, give the fantastic Fence Erect team a call and allow them to secure your property immediately and professionally.

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