FAQ – Electric Fencing And Security Improvements

A well designed and installed electric fence is the best perimeter security one can install. It is designed to keep unwanted people outside and to trigger an alarm if tampered with. A poorly installed electric fence with inferior products will NOT offer the same degree of security.

Will my animals get hurt by the electric fence?

An electric fence is non lethal as it works with an intermittent pulse thereby not “grabbing and holding” pets or humans. The reaction of anybody making contact with an electric fence is to immediately pull away involuntarily.

Will my kids get hurt by my electric fence?

In the case where we install a freestanding electric fence or a piggyback electric fence with wires all the way to the ground, we could utilize an electric fence energizer with variable voltage.

The voltage can very simply be lowered during the day and turned up at night from the programmable keypad supplied. It is also possible to install a day/night switch to do the high/low switching automatically. The electric fence will remain monitored in all voltages.

Can I connect my electric fence to a security company?

Yes it is possible to connect your electric fence to a security company and it is highly recommended.

What will activate my electric fence alarm?

If one of the electric fence live wires is cut or shorted to an earth wire, the alarm will activate within three seconds.

What sort of voltage is in the electric fence?

The maximum voltage allowed on an electric fence by legislation is 10 000 volts. Electric fences will generally run between 8 – 10 000 volts. It is however the joule rating of an electric fence energizer which determines the shock intensity, and not the voltage. Fence Erect will guide the client on the required electric fence energizer size for the electric fence installation.

What does an electric fence cost to run?

An electric fence uses very little power and would cost in the region of R 20.00 per month to run.

What maintenance is involved on an electric fence?

It is critical to keep all shrubbery trimmed from the electric fence to prevent voltage loss and potential false alarms.

What about false alarms on an electric fence?

Fence Erect only makes use of top quality insulators with superior spark gaps and thereby significantly reduces the chance of false alarms on the electric fence.

What about electric fence gate monitors?

It has become critical to monitor entrance and pedestrian gates whilst installing the perimeter fence. One must bear in mind that once the electric fence is installed, the gate itself will become the next week point. We have various wired and wireless gate monitors available to combat gate forcing.

How do burglars bypass an electric fence?

There are many “old wive’s tales” about bypassing an electric fence, most of which are untrue, but not totally impossible. In our experience, the very few incidents we have had normally do not involve the fence at all.

These include:

·        Forcing open of gates.

·        Breaking of precast walls.

·        Climbing on Telkom poles.

On the initial site inspection, we will make the client aware of all the weak points involved and how we intend to secure them effectively.

Why Fence Erect?

Fence Erect is capable of offering a turnkey solution for all clients. We have vast experience in all aspects of security and offer a hands on approach with permanent supervision.

Our references are testament to our superior service and excellent quality. We have successfully completely many contracts for various companies to their full satisfaction.