CCTV Surveilance


CCTV Surveillance


CCTV surveillance is a sought after service that offers home owners and businesses the added peace of mind that they deserve. Since there are a number of CCTV surveillance options available on the market, the cost of fitting them to your home or office is a lot more affordable than it used to be. The images recorded by CCTV use either embedded DVRs or PC based recorders, both of which will monitor and record simultaneously. Your CCTV surveillance system can be programmed to start recording if motion is detected.


Keep Your Eye On Your Property With CCTV Surveillance

When it comes to fitting a CCTV surveillance system to your property, each site must be individually assessed to determine the required lens size, camera resolution, light conditions and cabling requirements. Certain installations may require spy or covert cameras that can secretly be installed into items such as passives where one can monitor activity without knowledge.

Infrared cameras are economical and ideal for most installations. The built-in infrared lenses have a range of up to 50 meters in complete darkness.

CCTV is a very effective means of protection as it works inside and outside, day and night.

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