Walltop Electric Fencing

Walltop Electric Fencing

Walltop Electric Fencing CloseWalltop electric fencing is an extension of an existing perimeter superstructure that further enhances the security of your property. According to new laws, your wall needs to be above 1.5m high in order to have a walltop electric fence fitted to it.

We only supply and install top quality electric fences and accessories that provide the ideal early warning system for you when your perimeter is breached. When linked to your alarm system, you will be notified the moment your fence is cut, or a blanket is thrown over it… this will give your security company more than enough time to respond before criminals reach your home or office if they haven’t been deterred by the alarm already.

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Protect Your Home With A Premium Walltop Electric Fence

With every walltop electric fence that we install, there is the guarantee that you are protected with a quality fixture. Should an intruder try his luck with the fence, he will receive a 10,000 volt shock to his system, plus the alarm will be triggered. There are very rare instances when an intruder would still pursue entrance to the property after a “welcome” like this, but should he or she attempt to do so, you (and your security team) will have already been notified of their presence and can act swiftly. We can custom build a walltop electric fence for you, or you can choose from a number of quality off the shelf varieties. Whatever the result, we will only supply you with the best, trusted security solution.

Secure your home with a walltop electric fence and put your mind at ease.

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